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"This product makes sending, customizing, and A/B testing triggered emails a breeze compared to building a similar product in-house. The Threads team is also incredibly responsive and always willing to offer individual help whenever we have questions."

Automated Behavior-Driven Email

Trigger Automated Email with Threads

Strengthen customer engagement, retention, and loyalty with hyper-relevant, 1-to-1 messaging.
Triggered emails are one of the most powerful ways companies can meaningfully connect with customers. With that in mind, SendGrid created Threads, an extremely flexible and powerful way to engage customers by building personalized, automated workflows, and sending triggered emails.

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Pricing is simple. We only charge for the number of profiles tracked in Threads.

Elevated Engagement
Increase conversion goals and marketing ROI by delivering highly targeted, relevant, and timely  messaging to high-potential recipients. With Threads, you’re communicating with your customers at the right time.
Simplicity & Endless Flexibility
Leverage our intuitive UI to easily design and manage workflows to optimize your messaging. Define nearly any action or behavior as a trigger to tailor your messaging to uniquely reflect your business.
Team Empowerment
Marketers will enjoy unprecedented autonomy and developers will see their effort streamlined. After triggers are defined by the developer, marketers can leverage our intuitive UI to easily create and manage workflows without code.
Work with Existing Tools
Start tracking user behavior using Segment.com, without writing a single line of code. Or use our simple Javascript library to send events directly to Threads.
Threads is built on top of our leading cloud-based email delivery platform, providing you with the scalability, reliability, and deliverability you need. And you can count on our 24/7 support team to be there when you need us.

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Estimating how many profiles Threads will track during the first month is simple... just slide the bar to the number of logged in users that visit your app/website in a month. Going forward, Threads will continue to track these profiles plus any additional logged in users that visit your app/website.

When you use Threads, you are billed based on the number of people you’re tracking (“profiles”). Your first 500 profiles are free. After that, at the end of each month, your SendGrid account will be billed for the peak number of profiles you had in Threads during that month.

By signing up and connecting a SendGrid account, you’re agreeing to be billed via that account for your Threads usage.

We'd hate to see you go, but you can disable your project at any time to stop all workflows and avoid being billed for future usage. You'll only be billed for any usage up to the point that you disable the project.


Estimate How Many Profiles You'll Track